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Is There a Place of Refuge for God’s People: Sermon

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Is there a Place of refuge for God’s People


MP3 Audio (59.61 MB)


Is There a Place of Refuge for God’s People: Sermon

MP3 Audio (59.61 MB)

Does the Bible actually say there is a place of safety to which end time saints flee, and does scripture identify a specific location. Will God protect His people where ever they may be? We will explore the answers to these and other questions.


  • fhowaniak
    Wow I watched twice so good thank you
  • Laramie
    Thank you for this really inspiring sermon!! I have recommended it to a number of people. Thanks from Ohio!!
  • ethandmay71
    Thank you Mr. Tuck. I benefited from your message. I especially appreciated the idea of the "staging area" before God brings His people into His holy land. I'm glad you covered Kadesh Barnea. It will be truly amazing to see how God delivers His people!
  • surfer1
    Great sermon. We certainly need to have more such sermons and a solid booklet/article on the subject. Not just this subject, but also church eras, nations of Gen 10, sacrificial system of Israel and its typology, Millennial temple, structure of Psalms, coming US of Europe, etc etc etc.
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