Christians Who Don't Celebrate Christmas: Here's Why

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Christians Who Don't Celebrate Christmas

Here's Why

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"I cannot find Christmas in the Bible nor can I find that Jesus Christ told us to observe Christmas. Santa Claus is a lie that some people teach their children every year. For that matter, Christmas is false since it has nothing to do with Christ or His birthday.

"Beyond this, business people, who make most of their income during this time of the year, have increasingly promoted Christmas. Well-meaning people go in debt during Christmas time to give gifts to other people, which in turn motivates other people to give gifts to them. It makes no sense to keep a religious holiday that is not biblical, that Christ never sanctioned, that promotes lying to children, that puts people in debt and that blinds people to what Christ really taught."

—P.A., Georgia

"It is a historical fact that Christmas is not the day or the season when Christ was born. So why observe a day that is a lie? Most people do not want to admit this fact. For example, how does the use of Santa Claus depict the birth of Christ? How does the Christmas tree depict Christ? Celebrating Christmas violates at least the First, Second and Third Commandments of God's Ten Commandments. Observing a pagan holiday is a sin. God condemns the worship of pagan gods.

"The Bible does not command people to observe the birth of Christ as a holiday. This day, Dec. 25, is the date that has been observed for centuries as a pagan holiday in honor of the pagan sun god. God commands those who want to serve Him not to observe pagan holidays or any custom that breaks His holy laws."

—D.S., California

"Our family traditionally celebrated Christmas on Dec. 24. We then followed up with a family day on Dec. 25. One day I had a strong desire to walk in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, which I thought I had been doing up to that point. I met a number of people who were having the same strange experience. We asked ourselves, 'What does God think about Christmas?' 'Are we truly pleasing God?' 'Am I doing something that Jesus did and taught?'

"I began to think of the songs we sang, 'O Tannenbaum' and 'Oh! Christmas Tree.' I had been singing to a tree as though it were alive and had some strange power. We decorated it and placed our gifts below the tree as though the gifts and good feeling emanated from and through the tree.

"I thought about the words to 'Silent Night, Holy Night,' a truly beautiful piece of music. I wondered about shepherds and their flocks in the fields on a lovely evening at the end of December. But this was a contradiction. December was a very cold time of the year and sheep wouldn't be in open fields during that time.

"The Christmas stories about Santa Claus and the shepherds in the fields on Christmas Eve were false. I found out that Jerusalem has rain and cold that time of year and it sometimes snows in the region. Sheep are sheltered in the wintertime, not left out in inclement weather.

"I discovered that the Christmas tree and its ornaments and giving of Christmas gifts come from ancient Roman festivals. I also learned that the Christmas tree represents idolatry, which is an affront to God (Exodus 20:4-5). Jesus Christ never sinned in His life and says we should avoid sin, going against God's will (Hebrews 12:1-4).

"The gifts our children had asked of Santa Claus created a financial burden on us. The lies about Santa Claus and his flying reindeer were misleading our children.

"Also, the Bible tells us it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20:35). During Christmas time, I saw little joy in giving and I saw children always expecting to receive. I have come to understand that godly blessings come from carefully obeying God. This is why I don't keep Christmas."

—B.B., Canada

"God tells us to avoid the ways of the ancient pagans. Though modern Christianity observes Christmas, this is where it came from. To be frank, Christmas is a lie. Christmas is a substitute for righteous behavior. It makes people think they are doing good things for God, which somehow does Him service."

—A.H., Australia

"I have heard that Christmas has been around for nearly 4,000 years. If that is true, and I think it is, I do not see any evidence that the early apostolic Church observed Christmas or tried to 'Christianize' a pagan festival that predated Christ's birth.

"It seems clear to me that the apostles and early Church kept the Holy Days recorded in the Old Testament, and there are several Old Testament scriptures that speak about the Holy Days being kept by all people after Christ's return to earth. The Bible is clear that we are to shun paganism and observe the annual Holy Days and the weekly Sabbath day."

—D.N., Oklahoma

"I figure you can't go wrong sticking with what the Bible says and by following the example of Jesus Christ Himself and the apostles and early Church. They never kept Christmas or anything like it. They knew what the Scriptures said about trying to use other religions' practices to worship and honor God. It just doesn't work; God expects better from us.

"It's a shame that most people have never looked into the Bible and history to learn for themselves the true origins of Christmas. It's an eye-opening study, one I started when I was only a teenager. I've learned so much more about what God is all about and what He wants and expects from us since I started relying on His Word rather than human traditions that have no basis in the Bible."

—R.A., Colorado


  • arielben

    When I read the Bible from the beginning to the end, I began to see the "false teachings" being promoted by mainstream Christian pastors, lay people, & the poor congregants fell for these falsehoods.
    The Christmas story is false; based on pagan stories from previous centuries. Mariam would never have been turned away from a Jewish home. Having a child she would not have been in the main house but the annex since she would have been unclean.
    Wise men didn't come until the child was 2+ years old. Jesus isn't God nor Mariam the mother of God. יהוה always existed and cannot die. He had no parents. Jesus is not in the Tanakh or OT at all. Exo 4:22 states that Israel is יהוה's First Born son not the prophet Jesus, In Isa 43:10-11 we see that יהוה is our Savior not Jesus. Jesus was not preeminent nor was he with יהוה at creation.
    Christianity is "idolatry!" Israel was divorced for "its" idolatry, what makes you think יהוה will not divorce you for idolatry? Jesus could never have died for our sins because each person will die for their own sins Eze 18:.20-21 No man can redeem another Ps 49:7. God says in Eze 33:14-16 that He saves by turning back to HIM from our crookedness.

  • eneergnivlek@yahoo

    I understand, as a Christian, not participating in the pagan practices of Christmas, but does the Holy Scriptures teach us to participate in the holy days of the Old Covenant since we are under the New Covenant and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ?

    What I read is: No, or at least that the Church should never be commanded to do so, or have our Christianity judged by wether we do so or not, including observing the sabbath days.

    Colossians 2:16-17 KJV
    Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days : [17] Which are a shadow of things to come; but the body is of Christ.

    Commanding or judging a Christian based upon their keeping of the holy days and the sabbaths, is the exact same thing as requiring or instructing them to offer animal sacrifices and to be circumcised.

    All four are apart of the Old Covenant and were only types and shadows of, and fulfilled in and by Jesus Christ.

  • Lena VanAusdle

    Hi Kelvin,
    It's important to look at the Bible as a whole, and scriptures in context, in Colossians, you'll notice vegetarianism and fasting is being discussed, not the Sabbath or Holy Days. The laws of God can be divided into three sections: eternal, civil, and ceremonial. Ceremonial laws had to do with service in the temple (this includes the sacrificial laws which were replaced by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ). Civil laws were for the Israelites and how they governed themselves as a nation (we are not longer a civil nation, but a spiritual nation). And eternal laws: this includes the Ten Commandments, God's holy days, the food laws. Things that God said were in effect forever, some were even in effect before the nation of Israel was established.
    Both Jesus Christ and His apostles observed the holy days and the Sabbath, both during His life and after His death (Acts 20:6; Matthew 26:17; Mark 14:12; Acts 2:1-21; 1 Corinthians 16:8; Matthew 24:30-31; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; acts 27:9; John 7:1-2, 8, 10, 14; John 7-9) (

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Kelvin, I appreciate that you strongly feel no need to really understand the Old Covenant. That is too bad because when you do you will learn that The Eternal of that 'Old' Covenant was named Jesus when He was born as a human. I really like the scripture, "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." Our Savior never goes back on His Word.

  • arielben

    Hello Mr. Miller! Where does Jesus call himself יהוה? Where does יהוה call Himself Jesus? Where does יהוה call Himself a man? Num 23:19  "Ěl is not a man, to lie; nor a son of man, to repent! Has He said, and would He not do it; or spoken, and would not confirm it? Joh 8:40  “But now you seek to kill me, "a man" who has spoken to you the truth which I heard from Elohim. Aḇraham did not do this. Jesus never once professed to be יהוה. Men, Christians, have made him "A" god. Like all those that made the golden calf , most men/women need something tangible to look at and pray to. Hosea 13:2. What does the first 2 commandments say? Exo 20:2-5  “I am יהוה your Elohim, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery.  “You have no other mighty ones against My face. “You do not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of that which is in the heavens above, or which is in the earth beneath, or which is in the waters under the earth, you do not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, יהוה your Elohim am a jealous Ěl, visiting the crookedness of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me. You are teaching idolatry.

  • Audie82

    This is my first holiday season as a fully dedicated follower of Christ that is trying to follow Gods laws and Avoid all forms of evil—and all things based on paganism and the mystery religion of Babylon... my kids have had all the regular secular holiday traditions In the past including a tree gifts and gifts from ‘santa’... they’re being good sports about the new no Christmas tree thing, but I still want to give them some gifts... they get so excite about the presents. What are some holiday activities and traditions you all have adopted or used as replacementS for The traditions of man? I thought maybe we would have family time on the eve of the 24th and read about Jesus together... and maybe some kind of scavenger hunt on the 25th that leads to gifts ... maybe after it’s earned by feeding the hungry Christmas Day first? I don’t want to be involved with Tammuz or winter solstice or any pagan traditions... but I’m wondering if it’s still ok to visit family &eat on the 25th with the people In your life? Keeping it about the lord &fellowship as if it was a regular day off school/work or any ol holiday type day... it’s crazy now that I know truth how many ignore it & join worldly

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Audrey, I want to enthusiastically support what Lena wrote to you and add:
    When I discovered God's Holy Days (and that Christmas was not one of them) I was a public school teacher and in California had a 2 week break at that time of year. My wife and I live in San Diego but both sets of our parents lived then in Los Angeles. We would visit them during this school holiday time. Our parents were happy to see us and we them but.... It became increasingly hard to avoid the powerful draw of that Season though we did our best. If they exchanged presents we went for a walk (or more.) That did upset them some and so we would not come before Christmas but after. I want to cut to our two children. God's Feast of Tabernacles more than adequately replaces the commercial giving of presents during winter. This time, commanded by The Eternal, in early fall , quickly became our children's "looked to" event (even though make up school work was never "fun.") The point is, it is up to you to understand God's loving command and then pass that on to your children. Our daughter now 40 (and 3 kids) and our son 30, (one here now and one next week or so) demonstrate that the Truth can be wonderful.

  • Lena VanAusdle

    Audrey, what a brave step you're taking in walking away from Christmas. You may want to check out this article,, that was written by someone who recently came to the same conclusions you have.

    I was raised not celebrating Christmas, so I don't have experience in what it would be like to suddenly stop, especially for a child. But I would fear that giving presents would make it more confusing than anything. A clean break might be best.

    A beautiful "replacement" for the pagan traditions of Christmas is to keep the Holy Days that God lays out in His word. You may want to read the study aid, "God's Holy Day Plan: The Promise of Hope for all Mankind" (

  • DonTheBaptist

    I think Christmas is what you make of it. You can certainly find bad things about this holiday if you try. No one is telling us we have to worship false gods. Instead you can honor it as a day to remember Christ as He came into this world. Can you remember when the school system allowed the Christmas play at the school? The one with the manger set up and the 3 wise men showing up to give baby Jesus gifts?
    As for myself I am 64 or 63, I would have to look it up Again. But I remember Jesus was accepted more freely in those days. Now I am not sure if you are allowed to set up a Divinity manger scene in your own yard any more. But Christ was definitely remembered and invited into our homes back then. I am thinking about having a T-shirt made up stating that "Santa Luvs Jesus" and wearing my red hat and showing others and reminding others not to forget to invite Jesus to His own celebration.
    Giving gifts? You just have to be frugal. Make gifts if you can. Hold a gathering and draw names for one person who you will buy for. Give a single gift to an entire house hold. But not a Fruit cake! Then go caroling praising Jesus and His Father. He's our Father too.

  • lalmanza01

    Ever since I earned the truth of Christmas, I stopped celebrating it. My husband and I both have decided NOT to recognize it. All of the practices are pagan. There is NOTHING Christian about it. From the trees, mistletoe, wreath, etc All it is, is a pagan holiday that the name of Jesus was slapped on it. How can we be honoring God by adhering to pagan worship, and then say it's God. We cannot, in good conscious, participate in it.

  • Yahushua

    Peace to all!
    Please keep in conscience effort what our Almighty Father thinks of all things done in the human condition in or of this world in this liken time of Noah..
    These so-called holidays which means
    Holy days have no reflection of what is "holy" besides the time of worship given Him in a building called Church and then even some of them are lacking spiritual if they are given to the materialism or consumerism of it all...which is absolutely nothing to do with our Father. Even birthdays in this time right from the beginning of ones birth to this world is a lesson in teaching entitlement...just because you were born which as time goes on we are seeing this thought or principal more and more in young adults. These holidays are centered more about "stuff" things which take ones mind off the spiritual more so than not. If one is willing to know His Truth and remain vigilant on searching out His Truth they will come to know it and His thoughts on all things. HE will show you and once you See you cannot un-see and then you will face your earthly family/friends with much adversity in many forms...and HE will be with you in your steadfast will to do & follow HIS

  • KernowNative

    I am very interested to know when this church was first set up?
    Why you don't use Gods name , after all , how can you get to know him if you don't even use his name in prayer.

    And I see all of the teachings / truths are in a side by side comparison to the jehovahs witnesses.
    The articles could be taken straight out of the watchtower magazines to anyone familiar with that material.

    I am wondering if the Church founders were apostates who didn't agree with certain JW teachings, for example not partaking in the memorial bread and wine perhaps.

    I ask because I have been studying with them for around 8 years and they have taught me many truths , the same beliefs as this Church , many of them.

    I feel the time has come to take myself and my family further and become whole heartedly committed to YHWH and his son Jesus Christ.
    I have been continually praying and asking for him to show me the true path, his true chosen organisation on earth.

    This morning I came across this site ..

  • carlmartin

    Christmas was originally NOT a Christian holiday. Christmas was originally a NON-RELIGIOUS holiday to celebrate the REAL NEW YEAR according to the rotation of the earth (not the calendar year). Christmas was celebrated when days were starting to get longer again after the middle of the winter.

    When Christianity came to Europe, then non-Christian holidays were banned by the catholic church, so people came up with the idea to start celebrating the birthday of Jesus on this day. We all know that this is "FAKE NEWS" or "ALTERNATIVE FACTS" because Jesus was in fact born in Betlehem at the time when the Romans were collecting tax. This normally happened in August/September.

    It is still OK to celebrate Christmas as a NON-RELIGIOUS festival as a Christian. For example if you like the fact that the earth is rotating, that days are getting longer and if you like that summer will return. After all, earth and summer are Goods creations.

    BUT! Do only celebrate Christmas just like any other non-religious holidays (such as your birthday, fathers day, national day et.c.). Do NOT worship pagan traditions, such as the Christmas tree, Santa Claus et.c.

  • Seeingisbelieving

    I grew up celebrating Christmas and I can tell you for a fact that neither my family nor any person I know has ever worshipped Santa Claus or a Christmas tree. Your statement implying such is absolutely ridiculous.

  • kimbob

    I am a committed, born again Christian and seem to be the only one, apart from my closest friend, who does not want to celebrate Christmas and actually feels it is wrong. The problem is there don't appear to be any churches in UK that have non Christmas services and I don't want to miss church all together as then I feel more lonely cut off and down at this time of year. I feel I need to be with my friends so suffer it to be part of my fellowship and church I am a member of.

  • Lena VanAusdle

    Hi Kirsty, I'm not sure if you've visited this site, but there are a number of united church of God congregations in the UK, you can see if there is one near you at:

  • Skip Miller

    Hello Kristy,
    I was born and raised a Roman Catholic. I attended Catholic grammar school and Loyola High School in Los Angels. I was an altar boy. I loved the smell of candles and incense. But when I was in the Air Force (and separated from what I had always thought and done) -------
    things changed. One of those things was I began to read the Bible. Instead of doing what my friends did, I asked myself, from reading God's Word, what is it that God wants me to do?
    Much time has rolled by since then; many friends have evaporated (to be replaced by others who are sincere searchers for TRUTH.) After a move to San Diego I decided to make a commitment to following Truth wherever it led. I discovered others who felt the same:
    I'll try to summarize: These people (just normal people) were willing to take God at His Word even when it was not the cultural norm.
    There are others like me in the UK who do not celebrate Christmas but do celebrate the Holy Days of God listed in Leviticus 23. It might be worth your while to search them out.

  • Justin F

    While seeking and finding the truths about Christmas I've found that birthdays itself is also of pagan origin and the Jewish and early Christian Church did not celebrate.

  • shalott1956
    Please check out the History Channel's History of Xmas (I don't want to type the Lord's name with that pagan mass so I used the X which I know is the Greek letter for Chi which is Christ in English). You'll be surprised at some of the things you will learn. Xmas used to be against the law. Most people don't know that, nor do they seem to care. It's a real eye opener. I am an Independent Baptist and I and my husband stopped this nonsense over 32 years ago. Our kids are grown and married and have never had an xmas in our house. We taught them the truth about it and Easter and other holidays that are unbiblical. We are the only ones in our church that don't celebrate these things. We don't feel left out, but fortunate to know the truth and shun the pagan thing. We are more than sorry that our church is decked out like a pagan temple this time of year and actually don't attend some of the services because of it. Also, we can't worship in unison when all their heads are full of this evil nonsense. It's very very sad. Mystery Babylon by Ralph Woodrow is an excellent book if you want to learn the origin of all this garbage, and much more. Very enlightening if you're interested in truth.
  • lennydw

    As I have read what the Bible says about Christma's and it benign a pagan holiday and should not be looked as a legal holiday. I have known this for a long time. I do not look at Christmas as a celebration for Christ birthday , I don't look at the tree as a idle. I enjoy Christians for the gospel music, the good feeling of knowing that a great deal of people are saved at this time of year. We do not exchange presents ,but I will give to the needy.If anyone can see that I am doing wrong or going against God's word please let me know. Again I do not observe Christmas as a pagan holiday.

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