Current Events & Trends: China's worrying military ambitions

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China's worrying military ambitions

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A major feature article in The Sunday Times of London showed that, as its drophead states, "the test of a new missile is heightening concerns over Beijing's arms build-up" ("China's Carrier Killer Unnerves US Navy," March 24, 2013). The article continues, "China has successfully tested a 'carrier killer' missile designed to change the military balance of power in Asia by deterring American aircraft carrier operations up to 1,250 miles from Chinese shores."

Clearly the Chinese military has its aggressive generals. China's Liberation Army Daily opts for an end to "romantic pacifism" and urges "full preparation" for war. A headline in The Wall Street Journal reads, "For Xi, a 'China Dream' of Global Military Power" (Jeremy Page, March 14). The article that follows presents new Communist Party and military chief Xi Jinping as appearing to embrace the hawkish worldview of the nation's generals.

Are we going to see a new, updated version of World War II's old Axis Powers, with China in the role of principal Asian foe rather than an "Americanized" Japan? In World War II the Japanese army invaded China. Will the reverse occur in the future? Time will tell.

Isn't it troubling that the Republic of China holds so many billions of American dollars in its own treasury? Why is America being challenged on so many fronts today—military, economic and otherwise? What is America doing wrong? The answer, as revealed in the Bible, is clearly revealed in the Bible study aid The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy. (Sources: The Sunday Times [London], The Wall Street Journal.)