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The royal family today and tomorrow

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Prior to the birth, it was speculated that this could serve as a boost to the economy and national pride. "Richard Cope, director of trends at the global market research firm Mintel, says the possibilities abound for using the royal birth to economic advantage. 'These kinds of events do raise . . . people's sense of pride,' Cope said. 'It makes them enjoy being British.' And they make people all over the world curious about kings and queens and castles . . . While a royal birth isn't a typical economic event, things have a way of morphing in the social media age" ("Baby Bounce: Royal Infant May Help UK Economy," Associated Press, June 12, 2013).

Not since the late 1900s have there been three males in line for the crown of England. In the world of royalty, this is unusual, even for Britain. The English love their royals; it echoes past greatness and speaks to a much greater royal line for the future. (Read online our Bible study aid The Throne of Britain: Its Biblical Origin and Future .)

The Bible speaks about the future King of Kings and Lord of Lords of divine royalty. When He returns, He will reign on the earth as the sovereign power of eternal royalty (Revelation 19:16), and His resurrected saints will also be of eternal, divine royalty (Revelation 5:10). Royalty today then becomes a symbol of a future divine royalty, promised to selfless servants of God and man. Spiritual perspective gives purpose and a goal worthy of pursuing divine royalty. (Source: Associated Press.)