Good News Magazine: July - August 2004

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  • by Scott Ashley
A cultural clash is ripping at the fabric of Western societies. It’s most pronounced in the United States, where history is being rewritten and culture reshaped in a battle over the Bible.
  • by Mario Seiglie
Belief in the Bible as the inspired and accurate Word of God is plunging. Here are some simple proofs you can use to show that the Bible is indeed what it claims to be—the very Word of God.
  • by Good News
Closely examining any creation of mankind reveals flaws; closely examining the creation of God reveals only more beauty.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
A quarter century ago a nation in some ways not that different from the United States and Britain lost a war on terror. What lessons can we learn from that conflict so history does not repeat itself?
  • by John Ross Schroeder
In the wake of his recent death, hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles have been written about former U.S. President Ronald Reagan. We focus here on the religious beliefs that shaped his character and ultimately influenced the world.
  • by Ken Graham
Some Bible critics argue that we should disregard the Bible because it's impossible that our modern versions could match the original texts. But how does this argument stand up to scrutiny?
  • by Good News
How was the Bible actually put together? How do we know that the Bible contains the books that it should have? These are important questions, and many books have been written to address them.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Do we understand and appreciate what it took to give us the Bible? The English-speaking world owes much to William Tyndale, who, almost four centuries ago, risked—and gave—his life to give us the Bible.
  • by Good News
A letter written from prison by William Tyndale lay buried in the archives of the Council of Brabant in Belgium for some 300 years. The contents are heartbreaking.