Good News Magazine: July - August 2015

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  • by Scott Ashley
The cause of war is the ingrained selfish, greedy nature that leads people to covet what others have.
  • by Scott Ashley
As the world reflects on the great conflict that was the Second World War, two great questions are inescapable: Could it happen again? And will humanity ever find lasting peace?
  • by Mitchell Moss
The capacity of people to kill each other entered an entirely new and never-before-imagined age that day. For the first time in history, the dreadful prophecy that mankind would face extinction if not for the return of Jesus Christ was conceivable.
  • by Tom Robinson
At this 70th anniversary of the end of World War II, we must realize that an even greater global conflict is coming—with horrors on a scale never before seen.
  • by Michael A Snyder
In spite of a new 21st-century Cold War and fresh fears of atomic-fueled human extinction, a surprising and sure hope will intervene. But many will suffer first, and all of us face a choice.
  • by Darris McNeely
As America and the world mark the anniversary of the conclusion of World War II, it’s important that we consider the great changes in the United States and other Western nations since the Allied victory 70 years ago.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Largely forgotten today is the role the British Empire and Commonwealth played in the Allied victory in World War II. Yet these were the only nations that fought in the war from beginning to end.
  • by Michael Kelley
American newsman Tom Brokaw labeled them The Greatest Generation—those Americans who grew up during the Great Depression and went on to establish American greatness during and just after World War II. But what character traits made them great?
  • by Barbara Fenney
Although never invaded, apart from the Channel Islands, Britain suffered considerably during the Second World War.
  • by Jerold Aust
People often equate a leader with good leadership. While history is filled with poor leadership, there are positive examples to learn from—among them Abraham Lincoln and the greatest leader of all time.
  • by Steve Myers
It seems like every time we turn on our TVs, open a newspaper or follow the trends on social media, there’s bad news. How long can it last? Are we in the time of the end?
  • by Rudy Rangel III, Tom Robinson
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Israeli government, the newest version of which is just a few months old, continues to have problems with its closest allies in diplomacy and in generating positive public opinion for Israel.
  • by Rudy Rangel III, Tom Robinson
A prophecy in Zechariah 8:4-5 foretells: “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘Once again men and women of ripe old age will sit in the streets of Jerusalem, each of them with cane in hand because of their age. The city streets will be filled with boys and girls playing there’” (New International Version.)
  • by Rudy Rangel III, Tom Robinson
Drug addiction is viewed by many in terms of chemical dependency—where the body and brain become altered to the point of apparent physical need that drives compulsion to stay on the drugs. This is valid to some degree.
  • by John LaBissoniere
While caring properly for physical wounds is imperative, treating spiritual injuries also requires critical attention. Discover God’s plan to heal people spiritually by providing them with a vital missing divine component.