Good News Magazine: March - April 2006

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  • by Roger Foster
God will begin to fully implement His solutions by sending His Son Jesus Christ back to earth to correct every human problem we now face.
  • by Roger Foster
Crime and "murder mysteries" may seem harmless on TV or in movies or books that are easily forgotten. It's different when it happens in real life—illustrating how painful and horrible sin really is. What's at the heart of the problem?
  • by Good News
In the realm of personal relationships, documented evidence provides one example of a serious sin which clearly demonstrates the widespread lack of respect for the rights of others. Statistics gathered on domestic violence against women, represented below by just U.S. figures, should shock us.
  • by Jerold Aust
Millions assume that Easter, one of the world's major religious holidays, is found in the Bible. But is it? Have you ever looked into Easter's origins and customs and compared them with the Bible?
  • by Gary Petty
It used to be common to hear messages condemning sin and warning of its consequences. Now most religious messages pass over the uncomfortable reality of sin to focus on "feel-good" themes. What is happening to Christianity—and is it missing a crucial part of Christ's message?
  • by Don Hooser
God’s Word discusses several tools we can use to grow spiritually and build our relationship with our Creator. In this second article in a series on tools for spiritual growth, we examine the foundational tool of Bible reading and study.
  • by Good News
God doesn't want blind faith. He wants you to have faith based on solid evidence.
  • by Don Hooser
The most important responsibility of parents is to pass along their spiritual faith and understanding to their children. Here are tips for how to teach God’s words and ways to your children.
  • by Good News
The Bible is unified by profound themes running through it. Although it contains a number of major themes, here are three of the most important.