Good News Magazine: November - December 1996

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  • by Melvin Rhodes
As the nations of mainland Europe become tightly bound together politically, economically and militarily, what are the consequences of England's more-independent path?
  • by Jerold Aust
Which ingredients make an effective leader? And what makes some leaders take tragic courses for themselves and their fellowmen?
  • by Noel Hornor
Gentleness, so sadly lacking in this world, should be evident in the life of a Christian. What is gentleness, and how can it be a part of your life?
  • by Rod McQueen
The apostle Paul wrote of the Sabbath and Holy Days as being "a shadow of things to come." Did he mean to tell us that these observances are now obsolete and meaningless?
  • by Duane Abler
How do we show that we love God? Many believe that Jesus Christ came to bring a new way to worship God. But what does the Bible say?
  • by Andrea West
How can we learn to exercise faith in our everyday lives? I learned an important lesson from my granddaughter!
  • by Good News
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia explains why a cupbearer was such an important official in the royal courts of antiquity.
  • by Good News
How did Nehemiah accomplish the Herculean task of rebuilding Jerusalem when other governors had failed? As a leader, he knew how to encourage and instill confidence in others to get the job done.
  • by Randy D'Alessandro
God uses a form of spiritual technology, a system of communication that may seem baffling at first to many people. It's called prayer. Effective prayer also requires training.
  • by Jerold Aust
The debate over values continues to grow. Are values changing? Are there moral absolutes? Is there a source we should go to to determine right values? Many wonder what happened to the traditional values that brought us through a tumultuous century—and worry about what lies ahead.
  • by Roger Foster
All of us have to deal with sin and its tragic consequences in our lives. Understanding why we sin is a first step in overcoming and avoiding sin.
  • by Donna Butler
The Bible offers Christians many examples of faith from which we can learn and be encouraged. One of the most remarkable examples is that of Queen Esther.