Good News Magazine: September - October 2005

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  • by Vince Szymkowiak
Jesus Christ celebrated seven festivals every year that most Christians today can't even name, yet they have His imprint all over them. He is the reason for each of these seasons, and they have great meaning for anyone who would like to follow Him better. What are these festivals, and what do they reveal about our Savior and King?
  • by Good News
It's clear from many scriptures that God places a high priority on parents teaching their children His truth regularly and in a deliberate manner.
  • by Good News
"Calling" is the term the Bible uses for the process of God bringing a people into a relationship with Himself.
  • by Jim Servidio
Teaching our children about God and leading them into a relationship with God can be intimidating. Nonetheless, all parents have a responsibility to teach their children about God and His Word.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Following the July 7 terror bombings in London, many evoked memories of the blitz in World War II. Regrettably, that's not the only analogy with the Second World War that is appropriate.
  • by Howard Davis
In 2000 the United Nations established "Millennium Development Goals" to eliminate extreme poverty and hunger; reduce disease, child mortality and malnutrition; and to improve education, personal incomes and opportunities, housing and sanitation worldwide by the year 2015. All 191 UN member states have pledged to meet these goals. While admirable aspirations, how do they compare to what God...
  • by Melvin Rhodes
For almost 14 centuries there has been repeated conflict between Muslims and Christians, with the threat of a return to such wars on the rise again today.
  • by Howard Davis
British statesman Winston Churchill, soon after its creation, wondered whether the United Nations would be "a true temple of peace" or "a cockpit in a Tower of Babel." Sixty years after its creation we still wonder whether it will fulfill its lofty goals and whether mankind will ever find lasting peace.
  • by Jerold Aust, John Ross Schroeder
Advancements in technology are making way for space travel for those willing to pay the high price. But did you know the Bible gives assurance that space travel will one day be very common?
  • by Jerold Aust
Every year, on the evening of Oct. 31, millions of families celebrate a distinctly odd holiday known as Halloween. For your own good, you need to know what lurks behind the mask of Halloween.