Good News Magazine: September - October 2010

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  • by Scott Ashley
The message of the biblical prophets was of a literal, world-ruling kingdom to be established over the entire earth by the coming Messiah.
  • by Jerold Aust
Most Bible believers think this is God's world—but how can we reconcile that with all the crime, violence, wars, oppression, starvation and disasters we see all around us? The surprising fact is that, in terms of human society and its impact, this is not God's world, but a world that has been kidnapped by an unseen enemy. Here's the story of how it was kidnapped and how it will be set free!
  • by Good News
Naturalism—disbelief in anything beyond the natural world around us—is a subtle way to reeducate people, freeing them from feeling guilty over sin by substituting immorality or amorality for godly morality.
  • by Don Hooser
The fact that a large portion of Bible prophecy describes the Millennium proves it is extremely important to God. And the more you understand it, the more important it will be to you.
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Increasingly it seems that the United States cannot solve its problems—whether it be the economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, illegal immigration or the Gulf oil spill. Previous generations seemed to know what to do. Has America lost its way?
  • by Michael Kelley
Seldom has a nation dominated an era as the United States dominated much of the 20th century. Its remarkable achievements transformed the world for decades. But what was really behind its amazing accomplishments? Is there more than meets the eye?
  • by Barbara Fenney
What will it be like for those raised to life again in the resurrection described in Ezekiel's vision? Suddenly being raised back to physical life will certainly come as a shock to just about everyone affected!
  • by Gary Petty
A little-noticed prophecy in the biblical book of Revelation shows that Jesus Christ's return couldn't take place without a revolutionary change in global mass communications—a change that has taken place only in the last few years.