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Letters From Our Readers

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The premier issue of The Good News was simply wonderful, but the January issue is simply super! Wish I could find words to express how I feel about it. I could hardly put it down. I am so very thankful we have this Good News to share with a world that is so in need of good news.

Margaret Gipson
Dawson, Texas

We are truly thankful for the new The Good News magazine. I've only read 3 1/2 articles to date, but so far, it truly is filled with the truth of good strong meat, which I have been hungering and thristing for...

Please keep up the good work of our Father... Please stay close to our Father and His Son, our Saviour, that you may truly be a clean vessel for His use!

Carol Noël-Huston
Somewhere, California

I just received my issue of the The Good News magazine. I was so thrilled. I'm glad the Church has taken off on solid ground. The article about the meaning of the name of Christ says a lot. I was baptized in the Gulf of Mexico on November 6, 1995, so the article brought a lot of insight to me as a Christian on my commitment and walk with Christ...

I'm glad the Good News magazine will be there to help me with my walk. May our Father continue to bless and keep us in His love. Continue the good work.

Ray Smith
Kiln, Mississippi

Last week I telephoned and requested literature about the United Church of God. In one day I recieved every issue of the New Beginnings newsletter and the premier issue of the Good News magazine. I have just finished reading it all. I am amazed by how much hard work has been done in such a short time, and astounded by what you have accomplished. The Good News was like having an old friend back.

Keith Willis
Palm Springs, California