World News and Trends: 27 pornography channels in Britain

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27 pornography channels in Britain

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According to Daily Mail media editor Matt Born, "Britain has become the television porn capital of Europe—with five times more adult-only channels than anywhere else . . . UK viewers [by encryption] can now tune into 27 dedicated porn channels compared to just five in Germany— our nearest rival."

Of course, these channels can only be shown between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. on encrypted channels that require a subscription and personal identification number for viewing. There are now 84 pornographic channels in Europe in comparison to three only a decade ago.

British commentator Bel Mooney lamented: "I'm tired of repellent, exploitative images being defended by privileged people who should know better—and who would sooner swallow razor blades than see their own daughters sell themselves for the gratification of strangers . . . Now ask yourselves: 'What effect does it have on young boys to see women routinely treated like animals? What are the consequences of young women being brainwashed into thinking of themselves as mere sex objects?'" (Daily Mail).

We should not forget that more than half of Britain's young people have viewed Internet pornography. It is sad to know that not only in Britain , but on a worldwide basis, human lovemaking is being reduced to a crude, joyless and demeaning display—pandering to the depths of the downside of human nature. What are we doing to the next generation? (Source: Daily Mail [ London ].) GN