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A Christian Europe?

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Pope John Paul II and Vatican diplomats are pressuring EU officials to include Europe's Christian roots in the preamble.

In previous years the pope has envisioned a European Christian superstate stretching from the Atlantic to the Urals. But few observers expect the current lobbying to succeed due primarily to ever-increasing European secularism—and secondarily to multiculturalism that now includes other faiths such as Islam. Muslim Turkey is actively seeking EU membership.

Given these stubborn obstacles, deciding on the exact wording of a constitutional religious reference will prove to be an arduous task indeed. German conservative member of the European Parliament (MEP) Joachim Würmeling submitted a provisional sentence which reads: "The union values shall include the values of those who believe in God as the source of truth, justice, good and beauty as well as those who do not share such a belief but respect these universal values arising from other sources."

There is no way this compromise statement, not even mentioning the name Christian, will ever please the Roman Catholic Church. Nor, for that matter, will it engage the minds of unbelievers. Keith Wood, director of the National Secular Society, recently stated: "A very large proportion of the European population is non-religious. We view with concern the influence of religion in the internal workings of the EU."

Europe's present direction is clearly secular. However, the Bible tells us of a rapid reversal in this ongoing trend when the time becomes right.

The book of Revelation describes a future period when a dominant religion that calls itself Christian will hold sway over the governmental systems of Europe. At that time stunning miracles will transform gullible masses into willing worshipers of a charismatic leader who dares to stand in the place of God. Having had little or no background in solid biblical teachings, and unaware of these prophesied events, most people will easily fall prey to many insidious religious deceptions.

You need to read and study the book of Revelation. It provides an overview of end-time prophecy. As a helpful guide, we also recommend that you request our free booklet The Book of Revelation Unveiled. (Sources: United Press International, The European Observer.)