World News and Trends: North Korean missiles capable of reaching America?

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North Korean missiles capable of reaching America?

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According to The Guardian, "North Korea is deploying a new missile which may be able to strike the US mainland, a report in Jane's Defence Weekly says today" (Aug. 4).

North Korea was included in U.S. President Bush's "axis of evil" along with Iraq and Iran. British writer Simon Winchester, a visitor to the East Asian country, stated: "North Korea isn't just anti-American; it's anti everyone" ( The Times, May 15).

The Wall Street Journal Europe warned that "If North Korea . . . goes openly and promiscuously nuclear, dangers soar on two fronts. Asian neighbors that now focus on stopping proliferation might promptly reverse course and join the trend. Japan, South Korea and Taiwan all could embark on nuclear programs in self-defense . . .

"The far larger danger is that North Korea would develop a cash-and-carry arms program, selling to rogue states and terrorists alike in its desperation to feed itself" (Aug. 11). (Sources: The Guardian, The Times [both London], The Wall Street Journal Europe.)

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