World News and Trends: South Africa 's killing fields

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South Africa 's killing fields

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According to a cover article in The Sunday Times Magazine, more than 1,700 white farmers in South Africa have been raped, tortured, mutilated and killed in the last 10 years. Journalist Brian Moynahan reported that the motive was "not theft, nor land grab as in Zimbabwe—but revenge fuelled by racism and envy."

The perpetrators of these attacks operate in small gangs that employ extreme violence, torture, rape and mutilation. Sometimes nothing is stolen. One survivor, a woman beaten severely with a steel pole, needed nine steel plates and lost her right eye.

The ethnic cleansing of neighboring rural Zimbabwe is all but completed. We should
also be aware that South Africa is not the stable, forgiving country that some observers have pictured for us in the media—although there are positive elements of both qualities in certain places.

Residual racism against white farmers is far from the only problem. Mr. Moynahan also reported that " South Africa suffers from a general epidemic of violence, and farmers cannot expect to be immune in a country where 18,793 people were murdered [from March 2004] to March 2005, the great majority of them urban blacks" (emphasis added).

We live in an increasingly violent world, not so unlike it was shortly before Noah's Flood. Jesus Christ said that at the time of the end, just before His second coming, world conditions would mirror those of Noah's day (Luke 17:26-27). For further understanding, request or download our free booklet Are We Living in the Time of the End? (Source: The Sunday Times Magazine [ London ].)