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MP4 Video - 1080p (171.92 MB)
MP4 Video - 720p (103.63 MB)
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What does the Lord require?


  • Northwest reader
    Great work on this video - lots of great content succinctly presented and lots of humor to help people relate to it and remember it. We do hope you will bring more of this modern way of reaching others with the gems of God's Word.
  • Dan Preston
    This is a really great short film! It's a relevant message and speaks well to young people. Keep up the good work and I hope we get a chance to see more of these!
  • DanDinMT
    Enjoyed the short film. Good points presented in a pleasant manner! Thanks!
  • bcolbeth
    I appreciate the originality and upbeat perspective. Very relative for all age groups~
  • brian.numerick
    Well done! Thank you.
  • Shelly
    Very well done and helpful! Thank you all!
  • Procatcher
    Well that was delightful to watch and so full of helpful information to consider. Thank you for the fun, funny, informative and very professional clip.
  • centurion13
    Very nicely done. I especially loved Roma's acting debut!
  • dust_i_am
    LOL - but with a godly point! Very good! P.S. Next time, stick to Kobe steaks. :-)
  • paulspenser
    This was very well done.
  • kovalcwl
    Love it! Looking forward to more...
  • Jjustice123
    I agree! There needs to be more of these! This was awesome! To the point, current, relevant, funny and such a good message of what our conduct should always be!
  • tom@meece-eng.com
    You're getting better. You get 5 stars from and the job! Please so some more, they're appreciated.
  • Copperridgemama
    Love it!!! Especially meaningful before Passover. Thanks!!!
  • Destain
    Great short film, there needs to be more of these.
  • Jamie
    Thank you. We do plan to continue to make more of these. In the meantime visit ucg.org/films and you will find 11 other shorts similar to this one.
  • Esther
    Enjoyed this short film.
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