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United Church of God: A Brief History

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United Church of God

A Brief History

The United Church of God was formed in 1995 when ministers came together to establish a church based on the teachings of Jesus Christ and the first century apostles. A conference was held in Indianapolis, Indiana, during that same year to establish a church with a mission to preach the gospel just as Jesus Christ did, and to care for those people whom God would call. A 12-person Council of Elders, elected by a general assembly of all ordained ministers in United, was tasked to create our statement of beliefs and appoint a president and operation managers.

Since then we have worked hard to establish strong, vibrant and healthy congregations, preach the gospel ever more effectively and offer a helping hand to a suffering world. Most notably our flagship magazine, Beyond Today (formerly The Good News), was released to teach others about God's amazing plan for all people. A youth camp program was also established to help support future generations of the Church. The Good Works program was later founded by which local congregations can provide financial assistance in the event of emergencies affecting our members and their communities. 

Other efforts to preach the gospel include a library of printed booklets made available free of charge and an accessible, informative website geared toward helping people develop a stronger relationship with God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ. In addition, the Church has a weekly television program, Beyond Today, which airs nationwide across the United States and many other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Philippines, South Africa and the United Kingdom.

Our work continues. Jesus Christ's example of love and service to all people inspires us every day. Those things are an important part of our history.