Vertical Thought: April - June 2008

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  • by Randy Stiver
Being a Christian requires self control. God commands us to practice restraint in all aspects of our lives. Read on for encouragement to continue doing so!
  • by Vertical Thought
There have always been subcultures running counter to whatever was the dominant culture. The late 1970s saw the eruption of the virulently angry punk rock scene, with spiked hair and screeching vocals.
  • by Randy Stiver
When the culture is so clueless and corrupt, the call of countercultures is great. But there's a counterculture nearly everyone has overlooked.
  • by Amanda Stiver
What would it be like to get married in the American Midwest, then move halfway around the world to spend a year working in the Muslim Middle East? We asked Matthew and Mary Ann Bates, who did just that!
  • by Rachel Luecke
It seems like strange advice, but come along and you'll see what I mean.
  • by Becky Sweat
"Impossible!" you say? Even though it's often hard to do, it can be done, and it's well worth the effort. Here's how.
  • by Amanda Stiver
I can't get that song out of my head!" is a common complaint when a jingle from a commercial rattles around in our minds and we hum it endlessly. Why do those bits of music get stuck in our memory?
  • by Larry Greider
What goes into your head can affect your thoughts and actions.
  • by Ken Treybig
Surprising to some, Scripture includes many references to singing and musical instruments being played in worshipping God and in everyday life.
  • by David Treybig
There is no doubt that music is a powerful and enjoyable medium, but is it always beneficial for us? That depends.
  • by Amanda Stiver
Planning a route that will lead you safely through college while maintaining spiritual strength is challenging. Sometimes it is overwhelming. But it can be done!
  • by Amanda Stiver
One source reports the news one way. Another presents a very different picture. How do we make sense of these confusing discrepancies?