Vertical Thought: October - December 2003

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  • by Doug Horchak
Young adults can make a difference in the world by living as Christ did and letting their light shine by the example they set.
  • by Vertical Thought
Traditional evolutionary theory vs. The biblical account of creation. What can we really belief about fossils?
  • by Linda Bowyer.
Ever think God’s way of life was cramping your style? Keeping you from doing all those fun things in life? Or maybe limiting your success? Think again. I interviewed two former exchange students, both of whom are striving to live God’s way, and found quite the opposite to be true. Following God’s way actually contributed to the success of their trips.
  • by Emily Graham
Watching the Leonoid meteor shower teaches a young woman about God's awesome and intricate creation
  • by Gary Antion
What is hell? An indepth look at the true, Bibical meaning of hell.
  • by Ashley O'Brien
A young woman travels to England and meets a man who helps her to understand that knowing God and living His way of life is the only way to attain the precious gift of eternal life.
  • by Laura Beth Zollner
Giving an Answer Imagine what it's like to spend the first year of college at a religious school where Old Testament Religion is a required course of study. Nervous about asking off for the Feast of Tabernacles, to your shock your professor asks you to tell the class why you keep the Feast. Sound improbable? It happened to Laura Beth Childers, a member in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • by Erik Jones
"You're too young..." Most teens hear these words quite often. "You're too young too drive," "You're too young to drink," "You're to young to have a job,"etc. But there is one thing that a young person is never too young to do—serve!
  • by David Treybig
When you believe God created the heavens and earth, what strategies can you use when confronted with Charles Darwin's theory of evolution?
  • by Bonnie Turner, Heidi Hanisko
Teaching in exotic Thailand for a year brought unexpected challenges and personal changes. The experience gave us broader perspectives and deeper insights into other cultures, ourselves and God's way.
  • by Larry Greider
We asked members of our mailing list to share their thoughts about what lay ahead for them in 10 years. Comments were a mixture of concern and promise. Where will you be in your life a decade from now?