WikiLeaks and Nosy Beaks

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WikiLeaks and Nosy Beaks

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After being placed on Interpol's wanted list, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was recently arrested in London on charges of sexual misconduct that occurred in Sweden. The alleged rape charges are serious, but what is it that makes this man come into the limelight above others who commit similar misdeeds? It is his involvement in WikiLeaks that has sparked so much controversy over his arrest and trial.

WikiLeaks is a website aimed at sharing leaked information. Starting as a user-edited wiki (from the Hawaiian word for "fast," but which some think is short for "What I Know Is"), it rapidly grew into a website that now boasts it has released 1.2 million documents from anonymous news sources and leaks that are otherwise unavailable to the public.

What I know is…

People want to know what is happening in the world around them. This is natural and normal. Humanity has always had an obsession with knowledge, both good and bad. This desire has given way to countless scientific discoveries and medical breakthroughs, but also gossip, slander and rumor.

So what do we do with the flood of information we're faced with every day? Should we get caught up in conspiracy theories, biased websites and questionable news media for our sources of knowledge?

Use discernment

Knowledge is everywhere! Half of it is rubbish! Wisdom is knowing which types of knowledge are valuable and when to use that knowledge. Discernment is using wisdom to distinguish not only right from wrong, but right from "almost right." We can certainly glean from valuable information that is instantly accessible to us if we use the filter of wisdom and discernment.

Fear fear

Often our drive for knowledge can be influenced heavily by fear. Perhaps the fast pace of our society mixed with the fear of imminent instability has heightened this drive in recent years. A prophecy relating to the end time (our time now) states that "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase" (Daniel 12:4).

Tame the tongue

Social hysteria over a particular issue, person or event is created out of people simply flapping their gums too much.

Without his association with a controversial website, Assange would not have reached celebrity status and few would have heard about his alleged sexual crimes. Due to his infamy, thrill-seekers, gossipmongers and conspiracy-theorists are flocking to this site, seeking "inside knowledge" so they can redistribute the "new" knowledge. But this type of thing can add to the problem, since every retelling has a tendency to distort the knowledge further from the truth. In our lives we should avoid seeking and spreading questionable knowledge.

Seek true knowledge

God has provided us with answers to life's questions. We don't need to turn to WikiLeaks, which is full of distracting trivia, for knowledge when we have God's living Word, which is the true foundation of knowledge. The Bible is a history book, documentary, action thriller, self-help book, money management guide, marriage guide and so much more!

God also gave us inquiring minds to seek out the truth about this planet and each other, and the potential to create great marvels. We can satisfy our desires for the right kind of knowledge in productive ways in this wonderful and awe-inspiring world we live in.


  • Enrico

    What does your article on easter (pasqua) do for my KJV only friends?
    They have a strong conviction that the KJV is the only infallible translation.

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