Why the Separatist Movement in Scotland?

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Why the Separatist Movement in Scotland?

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Well over a year ago Sunday Times columnist Minette Marrin stated: "Scots feel more Scottish and less British than at any time since 1707, according to some surveys, led astray, possibly, by films such as Braveheart" (Jan. 15, 2006).

Celebrities like famous Scottish film actor Sir Sean Connery (the first and most popular James Bond) are among the strong supporters of the Scottish National Party (SNP). The Scottish separatist movement has found an effective, charismatic leader in the person of Alex Salmond of the SNP. He has made independence a major goal in his life.

Desire for a nonnuclear Scotland is a contemporary reason for separation. If this occurs, the submarines that carry the Trident nuclear missiles (crucial to British defenses and national security) would have to be moved out of Scottish waters to somewhere south of the border.

Energy is another critical factor. The real possibility of unwanted new nuclear power stations on Scottish soil weighs heavily in the minds of some members of the SNP.

Somewhat understandable natural resentment at historic dominance by England may be the biggest factor (though often unspoken) in the current drive for separation.