World News and Prophecy: December 2002

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  • by John Ross Schroeder
"Even I never dreamed of a moment in history when the Tory [Conservative] Party, the Monarchy, and the Church would be locked in internecine battles at the same time" (Joan Smith, Independent on Sunday columnist).
  • by Roy Holladay
In this Nov. 22 letter E-mailed to United Church of God elders, Roy Holladay, president of the United Church of God, discussed many issues that we feel would benefit our subscribers.
  • by Gary Petty
In American history it's known as "The Great Disappointment." In 1844 tens of thousands of people thought that Jesus Christ was returning to the earth in visible glory. Jesus didn't arrive and thousands were left disillusioned. Over the years many have proclaimed Christ's return. Does the Bible teach that Jesus is coming back to this earth?