World News and Prophecy: March - April 2004

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  • by David Dobson
What may expansion of the European Union portend? What impact could it have on the prophesied formation of a European superpower? What part will Hungary play in an expanded Europe?
  • by Joel Meeker
A provocative new book by a French journalist says today's clash of civilizations constitutes the opening phases of a devastating global conflict.
  • by Cecil Maranville
Would it surprise you to learn that Al Jazeera is highly controversial in the Arab world? Is this new type of Arab media a threat to the peace and stability of the Middle East? Is it a threat to the West? Read on to understand what Al Jazeera is and what it can do.
  • by John Ross Schroeder
Few qualities in human affairs are more important than competent, capable leadership. With 10 nations joining the European Union (EU) on May 1, which nation or nations will exercise the most control, for good or bad? And even more importantly, who will govern Europe at the close of this age of man?
  • by Melvin Rhodes
Whatever you think of the movie, Mel Gibson's film on the last 12 hours of Christ's life is having a universal impact. Many people in today's world have little knowledge of the Bible. Could this movie help fill the gap and turn people to Jesus Christ?
  • by Darris McNeely
The current European Union of 15 nations will see its largest single expansion when it adds 10 nations in May.
  • by Robin Webber
Right now, the little country of Haiti is on the world’s radar screen for at least a couple of weeks. Once again, this one-time financial jewel of the long-ago French Empire has had another change of government, which is about as common as the annual hurricane season.