Climbing Over The Wall

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Climbing Over The Wall

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When athletes train for their various sports and begin their various work out routines there is a term known as "hitting the wall." This is the point when the athlete reaches a point when his muscles or endurance or strength has grown as much as it can with the current training and needs more advance training to continue improving. I hit a similar wall a few months ago. It was not the same type of wall as these athletes, but rather a spiritual wall.

I recently became baptized and it is truly a wonderful feeling to be a part of Christ’s family and to have a different light shined on scriptures that I have known my entire life but now have whole new meanings. Just like the athletes, I have been preparing my entire life as I was born and raised in the Church, but just like the athletes hit the spiritual wall. This wall however was more of an understanding barrier. I am currently a student at Ambassador Bible Center, and there was a lot of knowledge being thrown at me but I could only understand so much and I didn’t know why. I knew it was time to go and talk to a minister and when I did they told me this was normal. I then asked how do you overcome this and there response was baptism.

As I began the process the scriptures that I was asked to read began to really make it known to me that baptism was the only way that I could climb over this wall. On March 16th I climbed over the wall and began my journey on the other side. Let me tell you - making the decision to climb over this wall rather than just stopping or trying to go around is one of the greatest decisions I have ever made in my life.