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  • by John LaBissoniere
Do you have a fulfilling “walk with God”? What does it really mean to walk with God the Father and Jesus Christ? Is something missing in your relationship with Them? Discover the vital biblical keys to a close, meaningful and fruitful relationship with your Creator.
  • by Dan Preston
You’ve probably heard a lot of people talk about baptism. Perhaps you’ve begun to think about it yourself. Maybe you even understand what it means and how it’s done. Still you wonder, How do I start the process? This article is written to help take some unknowns out of baptism—especially baptism counseling.
  • by Scott Ashley
So what does God expect of us? What does it mean to “get right” with Him? What does it look like in a person’s life? Let’s notice Jesus Christ’s own statements that give us the answer!
  • by Gary Petty

Faith, repentance and baptism are all indispensable elements in a special...