Imposter Syndrome: Self-doubt and Our Christian Journey

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Imposter Syndrome

Self-doubt and Our Christian Journey

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Imposter syndrome creates a barrier to living a successful life or moving forward within a chosen career, for those who allow it to become an entrenched thought process. An overwhelming sense of inadequacy, insecurity and self-doubt can rob an individual from recognizing their achievements, even in the face of success and proof of their own competence. These feelings of self-doubt and inadequacy often plague those in the entertainment and creative fields.

While imposter syndrome is typically spoken of when discussing careers, it can also become an issue for Christians. Have you ever felt as if you are not good enough? Have you doubted your significance in the plan of God? Are you suffering from self-doubt and your ability to finish the race set before you?

When we let imposter syndrome become a part of our thought process, we can allow doubt to get between us and the many ways God can and will work with us. Self-doubt is fed through comparing ourselves to others or over-exaggerating our weaknesses rather than relying on the strengths and abilities which God has given us.

Have confidence

Believe God is who He says He is and that His love for you is real. In Philippians 1:6 we are told to have confidence that He who began a work in us will complete that same work.

When praying, ask God to give you the confidence you need. Ask Him to help you trust in Him and His desire for you to be in His Kingdom. As self-doubt enters your mind, be instant in prayer, asking God to take it from you and replace it with a deep abiding confidence in Him and His love for you.

He wants you to succeed. He did not choose you on a whim. He knew exactly what you were capable of and how He could help you finish the race set before you.

Accept challenges

Imposter syndrome can hinder us by creating a barrier to our growth. We might hide from challenges that could test our abilities. Ask God to help you grow by placing you in situations that use your abilities, talents, strengths and gifts in service to others. By using what we have been given, naturally or as a gift, we not only serve others but serve the One who Created us and gave us those abilities.

Accepting challenges is not always easy. Look around, what needs or opportunities to serve do you see? Ask God to open your eyes to ways in which you can grow by serving. Lean on Him for the strength to accept the challenge and to see it through to completion.

Don’t believe the lie

While striving to grow as a Christian, there will be setbacks. There will be times when we are disappointed in ourselves or our actions. It is easy to let imposter syndrome take hold when we are feeling down. Don’t listen to the lie. Don’t allow yourself to believe the self-doubt and the negative thoughts that might creep into your mind. Remember Satan would like nothing more than to discourage you.

You are a child of God, set apart for a good work, and chosen as a leader of the future. You are His and He will give you everything you need to complete your Christian journey. Don’t give imposter syndrome a place of residence within your Christian life, but rather have confidence in Him and accept the challenges which will help you to grow into the person He knows you can be.

God will never ask us to do anything He knows we are not capable of doing; He offers us everything we need to succeed.