Second Chances

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Second Chances

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"I want a second chance, I want to be able to do things over and do them better." How often have you thought something similar? Maybe you feel like sometimes you open your mouth and it is like listening to a canon as it fires across enemy lines. You may feel terrible about the things you say or do, but the reality of the situation is one you have to live with. You have caused pain to someone else.

We are often told that there are no second chances, no do-overs, you get one chance at life and this is it. I guess in some ways that is true, but in other ways it is completely false. We do get a second chance and we do get a chance at a do-over, just not in the way that you might think.

When Jesus Christ died for our sins and became our Passover Lamb, he gave us a second chance. He took the death penalty for us and offered a chance at eternal life. Forgiveness of sins gives us an opportunity to go to God and have our slate wiped clean. At that moment we become white as snow in the eyes of God.

We also get a do-over. Yes, we get a chance to live life and live it like never before. As human beings we make mistakes and those mistakes have a negative impact on the life we are living as well as those around us. We can ask and receive forgiveness, but we cannot always wipe away the damage caused by our mistakes.

Imagine being able to live a life with no mistakes. That is our do-over. At the time when Jesus Christ returns He will gather His people to Him and they will be changed from this physical form into a spiritual form. We will become perfect in every way. We will live life in a new body, as a spiritual being, and make no more mistakes.

Not only will we be given the opportunity to live a perfect life with God the Father and His Son, but we will be leading and teaching those who are left on earth to do the same. We will become part of a world wide solution to the sufferings of today. We will no longer have to worry about causing pain, instead we will be helping humanity discover what it means to live a full life, God's way, eliminating the heartfelt pains of this world.

If you have ever wished for another chance, have ever wanted to make things right, this is your chance. Learn more about His forgiveness and the new life awaiting you by ordering the free Bible study aid booklet listed below.

The Road to Eternal Life