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Possibly you have been one of those who have found the Bible difficult to comprehend. Perhaps you wish you knew how to better apply its timeless principles and use it to build a right relationship with its author, your Creator.

How can you become one of those who do understand what the Scriptures say? Here we'll answer some commonly asked Bible questions and provide links to free Bible Scriptures resources to help guide you in your search for biblically based wisdom.

Bible Frequently Asked Questions

How can you explain Bible Scriptures that are difficult to understand?
What is the good news of the Kingdom of God?
What happens after I die?
How can I improve my marriage and family life? What does God say about marriage and sex?
What should I do to live a Christian life?
What's involved with becoming a new Christian?
What do Bible prophecies of the future mean?
What does God want us to do?
What is sin and how can I overcome it?
What does the Bible say about jobs, money, debt and finances?
What Holy Days and holidays does God want (or not want) us to celebrate?
Who is God?
How can we know that God created everything and that it didn't all evolve?
Does God care how I look? How does He want us to look?
What is the Bible and how can I gain the most from it?

Seven Bible Scripture Threads

There are several basic threads running through Bible Scripture that, when recognized, open our understanding. The following are seven threads vital to piecing together a more complete understanding of the Bible.

1. The true gospel.
2. The purpose of salvation is a new creation.
3. The Bible's interpretation of symbols.
4. God's dual method.
5. God's annual festivals.
6. The identity of Israel.
7. God's seventh-day Sabbath.

Awareness of these threads running through Bible Scripture will open the way to a better overall understanding of God's Word. Because many churches have lost sight of so many of these, it's no wonder they have fragmented into so many denominations, each holding a different view of what the Bible says and all the while failing to understand much of its true message.

We encourage you to learn more about these seven Bible scripture threads and read our free booklet, "How to Understand the Bible".