Bible Commentary: Deuteronomy 26

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Deuteronomy 26

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"Look Down...and Bless Your People" 

God here gives some final instructions, closing with the saving of the third tithe for the poor. Those who have obeyed God and been careful with all He has commanded are entitled by Him to ask of Him a special blessing. Had Israel been careful in obeying God, He would have poured out blessings upon blessings on the ancient nation. They would have become a special people—a treasured nation to God. Yet Israel failed to live up to God's condition of obedience.

In modern times, national Israel has been greatly blessed because of God's unconditional promises to Abraham, as explained in our free booklet The United States and Britain in Bible Prophecy—but not nearly to the degree it would be if it humbled itself in sincere obedience to God. And sadly, Israel's wrong choices will soon plunge it into the depths of curses, as the next chapters of Deuteronomy lay out.

Yet God is fulfilling His greatest promises in and through the new spiritual Israel, His New Testament Church, the members of which He has chosen to ultimately be His special people. As God's spiritual people learn to obey Him with ever-growing care, they increasingly receive more and greater blessings from Him.

As Deuteronomy winds to a close, it is clear that God is looking toward the future—to the time when there will be people who do obey Him and deeply treasure the gifts He gives.