How to Begin Your Study

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How to Begin Your Study

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The most important one is one of the simplest: searching out every scripture reference in your own Bible. Although some of the principal scriptures are quoted, we strongly encourage you to personally look up every passage in order to see each scripture in its proper context.

Our main textbook is the Bible itself. In addition to each basic biblical quote, our comments usually include additional pertinent scriptural references. Most of these will appear after the term "compare." You will find much deeper understanding if you look up and ponder the meaning and significance of every biblical reference.

This study course is designed to help you become more skilled in your personal study, as well as doing nothing less than assisting you in changing your whole life for the better. We also encourage you to request your free copy of the booklet How to Understand the Bible. It offers additional information to help you grow in understanding from your study of the Bible.

The question-and-answer format is an enormously effective way of presenting the biblical material covered in this course. Also, unless otherwise noted, all biblical quotes are taken from the New King James Version.

Finally, to help you gain the most benefit from these lessons, each will conclude with a set of review questions that you may use to test yourself.

Together we now embark on a journey of discovery through the Bible.