Points to Ponder

Points to Ponder

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"Points to Ponder" is a regular feature of this course. We introduce it to help you reflect on the major points you have just studied and to think beyond the content of the lesson and apply it on a personal level. It is meant as a study aid and a spur to further thought on these important biblical concepts.

We suggest that you take the time to write your answers to these questions as well as to other questions that may come to mind. Please feel free to write directly to us any feedback about this lesson or the course itself.

The questions on lesson one:

• What scriptures help us understand that the Bible is God's method for communicating with mankind?

• Look around you. What invisible attributes of God do you see in the creation that surrounds us? (Romans 1:20).

• In what ways do you see the love of God expressed in the eternal values and standards established in the Bible?

• What type of relationship is God seeking with humankind? What can you do to develop a meaningful relationship with God? What is the ultimate potential of this relationship?

• Given the uncertainty of our world today, how can an individual or family find direction and peace of mind in life?