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Learn about God

You were born to learn about your Creator. To live a meaningful life, you need to know who God is and what His plan is for you. These booklets will help you find out more about God, Jesus Christ and the awesome plan they have for you.


Basic Bible questions

The Bible is more than just a book of rules.  The more we read it, the more we can connect with our God.  Learn to love God’s word and see the results in your life!


Death and eternal life

Facing death is not easy, but the truth of God’s plan can comfort us if we let it.  These booklets will help you to see past the pain of death and into a wonderful future.


Overcoming & improving your life

When times get hard or you are in over your head, God knows and he cares.  These booklets will help you to overcome challenges by applying some simple biblical principles. Change and growth are possible with God’s help, and you can start today!


Holidays & Holy Days

Our Creator wants to be a regular part of our lives.  Learn about how He has set apart time to spend with you!


Learn about prophecy

Is God in control during times of upheaval?  Can the Bible help us to understand current events? These booklets will help you see the thread of God’s love and involvement that runs through history and into our future.



More about the United Church of God

Learn more about the organization that produces Beyond Today.