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World News and Trends: Hebron only a beginning

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Hebron only a beginning

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The Times' Jessica Berry was on hand in Hebron to record the words of Yasser Arafat: "Hebron is a springboard to what comes after ... We will continue to Jerusalem ... [It] should be divided with East Jerusalem under Palestinian control. A city can be the capital of two states, like the example of Rome, the capital of Italy where there is a Vatican compound."

Christopher Walker reports from Jerusalem: "The Israeli Army has been conducting a detailed investigation into how northern parts of the country can be defended without continued possession of the Golan Heights," obtained from Syria in the 1967 war.

Some have taken this news to mean that the Golan plateau may soon become negotiable as a prelude to an Israeli-Syrian peace agreement. But will trading territory for peace really work in the long run? What about Chamberlain waving a "white paper" from Hitler in 1938? (Sources: The Daily Telegraph, The Times.)