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Middle East

"And as for Ishmael, I have heard you. Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly. He shall beget twelve princes, and I will make him a great nation" (Genesis 17:20).

The story of the Middle East—from the reasons for its current state of strife to its ultimate role in the end of the world—are contained within the pages of your Bible. Discover how below.

  • by Steve Myers

When we see world events begin to spiral, we need to make sure that our...

  • by Darris McNeely

Bombs falling in Jerusalem are harbingers of things to come. We must be...

  • by Darris McNeely
On the 100th anniversary marking the end of World War I, we still see a world mired in conflict and often on the brink of even greater war. Many of today’s problems can be traced to that conflict. If we are to understand the way to peace, we must first understand what leads to war.
  • by Tom Robinson
The Israeli Jews are regularly accused of invading and occupying land that is not theirs—the land of Palestine that purportedly belongs to the indigenous Palestinian people. But just who are the Palestinians? Is the land theirs? What is the truth?
  • by Darris McNeely
Will China overtake America and become a world empire? Will Russia restore the former might of the Soviet Union? Will Iran’s efforts to dominate the Middle East reclaim the ancient glory of the Persian Empire? And what about Europe–will it too see the return of an ancient power?
  • by Darris McNeely
The United States is bitterly divided both politically and socially. At the same time its role in the world is being undermined in strategic geographic regions. Are we entering a time of escalating danger and trouble like that spoken of in the Bible?
  • by John LaBissoniere
Even as the intractable Palestinian-Israeli conflict continues amid relentless calls for peace negotiations, the Bible reveals that a major military peril will come from an unlikely source. What does the future hold for Israel, and how will peace in the region finally be achieved?
  • by Dan Taylor
The world is seeing an increasing number of growing trouble spots. Yet one remains consistent in its ability to dominate the headlines—the Middle East. What’s behind its constant turmoil?
  • by Beyond Today Editor
Despite daily U.S. and allied forces’ airstrikes, the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) continues to seek the destruction of the Syrian state and the entirety of the current Middle East order. The focus on media attention is on ISIS’ military campaigns and the intense violence that is their calling card.