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Jelly Learns the Feast Days

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Jelly Learns the Feast Days

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Jelly Learns the Feast Days


After spending two weeks with family, Jelly's cousin Chips is heading home to London—but not before a little song and dance! Join Jelly and his friends as they learn about God's Feast Days.


Previously on Jelly…

[Mr. Mike] The Sabbath is a wonderful blessing, isn’t it?

[Jelly] It sure is! I’m glad God gave it to us. I don’t think tonight could get any better.

[Mrs. Libby] Could you get that for us, Jelly?




[Chips] Cow.

[Jelly] Cow.

[Chips] Cow.

[Jelly] Cow.

[Chips] Cow.

[Mr. Jonathan] Make sure you’re careful with that, sweetie. That’s a lot of yogurt.

[Mrs. Esther] Of course I will, sweetheart.

[Mr. Jonathan] You know, I wouldn’t say anything. It’s just that I just vacuumed and you know I’m a little particular.

[Mrs. Esther] I know.

[Chips] Fifteen cows, I win!

[Jelly] Me, too!

[Chips] Yeah, you won too, but I won first, didn’t I?

[Jelly] And I got ‘em second!

[Mr. Jonathan] So Jelly, did you enjoy your cousin Chips’s visit this past week?

[Jelly] Yes, yes, yes!

[Mrs. Esther] How about you, Chips?

[Chips] Sure did! Right like rain, mate!

[Mrs. Esther] We’re going to miss you, Chips.

[Chips] I had a whole lot of fun hanging out with my cousin Jelly! He’s my garden. Garden gates. Gates! Garden gates. You’re my mates!

[Mrs. Esther] So Chips, if you get hungry on the plane, remember I packed some of your favorite snacks in your lunchbox – steak and kidney pie, beef bangers and mash, and Yorkshire pudding.

[Chips] Mm-mm! Delicious, mate! I’m from the East End of London.

[Mr. Jonathan] What?

[Chips] West Ham United!

[Jelly] Wet spam united!

[Chips] Did you say “wet spam”?

[Jelly] Uh, yeah.

[Chips] West Ham United is my favorite football team! Get it right, Jelly! I’m just kidding, you did great!

[Mrs. Esther] And we don’t cheer spam for several reasons.

[Mr. Jonathan] Hey Jelly, Chips – did you realize there’s a special holy day coming up soon?

[Jelly] Boom boy, yeah, I’ve been doing them since I was a little – you know, let’s just – on the count of three, let’s say it on the count of three. One, two, three!

[Mr. Jonathan] Pentecost.

[Jelly] Buffalo Penn – Pentecost. Pentecost.

[Mr. Jonathan] That’s it, yeah. Okay, you got it. Pentecost. Yeah, the feasts are really important. God tells us to keep these special holy days to help us understand His plan.

[Jelly] Boy, you better warm up them vocal chords. We’re about to sing a song.

[Mrs. Esther] Do you want us to test you and see how well you know your feast days from the Bible?

[Jelly] Yeah, test me!

[Chips] Test me!

[Jelly] Test me!

[Chips] Test me!

[Jelly] Test me, test me, test meeeee! Test me!


Do You Know God’s feasts in the spring and in the fall?
I’m happy to say that I can name them all.

Can you find where they’re written down for us to see?
They’re recorded in Leviticus chapter 23.

What’s the 14th day of the first month in Spring?
It’s the Passover of Jesus Christ the King.

On the 15th day can you tell me what begins?
Days of Unleavened Bread mean getting rid of sin.

Can you count 50 days from the wave sheaf offering?
That is Pentecost when the holy spirit came.

Then the months go by and we watch the summer go. But there still are four more holy days to know.

On the first day of the 7th month, what do you learn?
It’s the Day of Trumpets when Jesus Christ returns.

And the 10th of the months is what Holy Day?
It’s the Day of Atonement, when Satan’s put away.

Next is Feast of Tabernacles is a time of happiness,
When Christ will reign and the world will all be blessed.

On the Last Great Day, what does God have in mind?
He will offer salvation to all of mankind.

Do you know God’s feasts in the spring and in the fall?
I am happy to say that I can name them all.

And the 7 feasts which God gave to man are the 7 steps in God’s eternal plan.


[Mr. Jonathan] That was so much fun. Hey, you boys learned an important lesson today.

[Mrs. Esther] Deer!

[Mr. Jonathan] Yes, dear?

[Mrs. Esther] No, DEER!

[Everyone] AAAAAHHH!

[Mr. Jonathan] Okay. We’re here. So… okay, and none of it’s on the car.


  • JeanLuna
    I can't wait to show this to our children when they get home from school. I'm very excited, this will be our first year learning and celebrating all the Feasts of God. THANK YOU.
  • RW
    Greetings. You guys are something else. Happily no yougurt was spilled in that nice blue "shoe-box." Truly God's holy days are a guiding beacon in this dark world. Thanks again.
  • KARS
    LOL High 5! That was cute and well put together. Thanks for the new song. Good job Jelly & friends.
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