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A New Academic Year Begins for Ambassador Bible College

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A New Academic Year Begins for Ambassador Bible College

Alumni welcomed 17 new students to the program at a picnic on Sunday, Aug. 22, featuring not only an enjoyable meal but fun games and challenges to help participants get to know each other informally.

On Monday, faculty and staff led the students through orientation, explaining how ABC works and what to expect. Along with the other faculty, coordinator Frank Dunkle and registrar Steve Myers described how Ambassador Bible College is not just any other educational institution. The ABC program studies the Word of God and teaches godly principles of living for a lifetime. Thus, being at class in person and sharing experiences is a valuable part of the learning process. The thorough academic program will cover all the books of the Bible this academic year. Students also have the opportunity to serve in the Cincinnati congregations and the home office while preparing for the future.

President Victor Kubik acknowledged the sacrifice of devoting an academic year to studying the Bible and he encouraged students to make the most of their time at ABC. He compared their opportunity to his own Ambassador College experience decades ago. Today’s students have many references and resources that were not available a few years ago, and they will have unique opportunities to serve God’s people.

Students in this year’s group come from 11 different states, and range from recent high school graduates to retirees. Their focus and enthusiasm show that they share the desire to study and understand God’s Word.

The state of Ohio currently has not mandated restrictions affecting the conduct of ABC classes, so the program is progressing normally. Teens and young adults who are not certain about educational plans in the near future should consider ABC as a part of their preparation for the future.