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New Beyond Today TV Studio Set Installed

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New Beyond Today TV Studio Set Installed

The new set, which includes over 50 linear feet of background material, is now in place. It includes three primary areas for recording various types of material. In the center is the main stand-up area for recording long-format programs. To camera right is a large video wall that will have an interview section in front of it. And on camera-left is an area that can be used for dailies and shorter recordings.

The lighting plot is now being finalized and studio lighting fixtures are being purchased. These will include the latest in DMX-512 digitally controlled LED fixtures to supplement our older, existing studio lights. These require an updated lighting control board and digital control cabling.

Existing equipment has now been moved from our old television studio, and from video recording “Studio B” and from our old radio studio. We are now up and running in our new radio studio and “Studio B,” which is housed in the upstairs portion of the video recording studio, next to the control room.

We will soon be obtaining chairs for our studio audience seating. And we are scheduled to record our first Beyond Today programs in the new facility during the afternoon of Wednesday, Nov. 28.

There is a lot of work yet to be done in preparation for our first recording session; we would certainly appreciate your prayers that all the work that needs to be completed by that date goes smoothly, so that we can proceed as scheduled and do our part to preach the good news of God’s Kingdom around the globe.