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New Record Response for Beyond Today Television Program: Old Record Eclipsed

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New Record Response for Beyond Today Television Program

Old Record Eclipsed

[August 19, 2019] During the week of August 11-17, 2019, Beyond Today television program “The Rapture Versus the Bible,” hosted by Steve Myers, spawned the highest viewer response out of all 28 programs that have aired since our new video recording studio went into operation on February 3, 2019.  

The previous record-setting program, “You Can Understand the Bible,” which aired the week of May 19-25, 2019, had generated 502 responses. Our new “rapture” program bettered that with a high of 525 responses—which designates it as the lowest cost per response program to air so far from our new recording facility. 

Our new programming format—which includes a live studio audience—has genuinely captured people’s curiosity and attention. We are grateful for the opportunity to reach out to all of our viewers with a sincere message of help and hope for today and tomorrow.   

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayers as we do our best to accomplish God’s great work around the globe. Along with you we greatly anticipate the day when Jesus Christ will return to earth to establish righteousness and peace to a world in desperate need of both.