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United Youth Camps 2020 Announcements

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United Youth Camps 2020 Announcements

May 28, 2020 Update

Northwest Camp Cancellation

Due to the State of Oregon not allowing overnight camps this summer we will not be able to hold Northwest Camp this year. We want to thank all of the campers who applied and staff who wanted to serve the youth of God’s Church. We look forward to a great camp in 2021.
Rex Sexton, Camp Director


Camp Woodland Cancellation

Sadly, Camp Woodland will be canceled for 2020 due to the CDC mandate for Georgia. The camp facility managers have relayed that they have canceled all of their overnight June camps and will likely cancel their July overnight camps due to the current CDC requirement for all staff and campers to test negative for COVID-19 within 7 days prior to camp. This is a mandate that the camp facility and UYC do not want to require for our youth and staff and therefore we will not be able to hold camp this year. We’ll deeply miss being together this year but will greatly anticipate next year!
Jay Ledbetter, Camp Director


Boundary Waters Adventure Will Be Held

We are pleased to announce that our Boundary Waters Adventure camp for young adults will be held this year. All of our participants have been given this good news and we look forward to seeing them in mid-July.
Frank Dunkle, Camp Director


May 14, 2020 Update

Cancellation of Camp Pinecrest

As everyone is aware, we have been watching the weeks and days go by as we have neared the various UYC camps’ go/no-go dates with anticipation and hope for holding our summer camp programs. In relation to Camp Pinecrest, specifically, we have had conversations over the past two months with the camp’s ownership and monitored restrictions and guidelines to determine if we could go forward with our UYC Camp Pinecrest program this summer. This week, our UYC Pinecrest camp leadership team came to the difficult conclusion that it is not feasible to hold Camp Pinecrest this summer in a way that satisfies safety standards while facilitating the closeness of relationships and fellowship that staff and campers love about camp. Thus, for the 2020 camp season, Camp Pinecrest has been canceled.

Looking forward to 2021 and having our Pinecrest family back together!

Mike Phelps, Director, Camp Pinecrest


April 30, 2020 Update

Cancellation of Hye Sierra, Camp Ococho, Camp Colorado (Excerpt from Mark Welch’s Personal:

This week we are announcing the cancellation of three more summer camps: one teen camp, Hye Sierra, and two preteen camps, Camp Ococho in the northwest and Camp Colorado. None of the camp directors wants to cancel a camp but, for many of us, we have little or no choice because of the decisions of the facilities in which we meet. I was forced to cancel Camp Colorado because that particular facility is not allowing any camps similar to ours to take place throughout the entire summer. To help everyone understand better why we might feel the need to cancel other camps where the facility has not yet “pulled the plug”—consider:

• The intimate nature of camp and the closeness required at any camp where children are constantly together for 3-7 days.
• How difficult would it be for our campers, especially in the case of preteens, to keep their hands off one another?
• How difficult would it be to practice physical distancing and proper cleanliness?
• Realize the fact that our campers come from many different parts of the country, and even from outside the U.S.
• What if one asymptomatic child arrived at camp and infected others who developed symptoms while at camp—or took the virus back home with them?
• Given the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, what type of challenges would we face with an outbreak while at camp?
• Realize that it takes much time and effort to plan and prepare for a camp and suitable lead-time for our Camp Directors is required.
• Some of our parents may feel torn about allowing their children to go to camp with the inherent dangers of doing so.

We greatly appreciate your understanding as we strive to consider all things and make the best decisions under the circumstances we are required to face.

Mark Welch


April 2, 2020 Update

Based upon the current situation, the decision was made by the United Youth Camps team to cancel four of our earlier-in-the-season camps, one teen and three preteen: Camp Cotubic, Camp Nacome, Camp Florida, and Camp Piney Woods. For those who have already registered and sent in payment to those camps, your funds will be returned shortly.

We plan to continue registration for our other camps, but have established decision deadlines for each one individually; on those dates, we will make a final call about whether to conduct that camp. We do not advise making non-refundable travel arrangements until after the date for your chosen camp.

We hope to conduct as many camps as possible this year, but the safety of our campers, staff and families is extremely important to us. In addition to that, the number of camper and staff applications for each camp will be a secondary factor in determining whether a camp is able to be held—so if you would like to attend camp this year, please register by May 1. This year we will waive late fees for payments, but are still asking for registration by May 1. You are welcome to delay your payment until it is confirmed that your camp will be held.

Some campers who applied to a camp that gets canceled this year may wish to move their application to a different camp. In that case, instead of starting a new application, it will save you time to contact and email the camper name, the name of the camp you previously applied to and then the name of the new camp you wish to apply to.

A firm decision will be made for each camp on or before the following dates:

  • Already canceled: Cotubic, Florida, Nacome, Piney Woods
  • Ochoco: April 30
  • Colorado: May 7
  • Pinecrest, Hye Sierra: May 14
  • Woodland, Northwest, Boundary Waters: May 28
  • Ironwood: June 11
  • Buckeye: July 2
  • Seven Mountains: July 23