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Updates From the Home Office: April 30, 2020

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Updates From the Home Office

April 30, 2020

From Peter Eddington, Media and Communication Services

We are making final preparations for the General Conference of Elders (GCE) annual meeting which takes place this coming weekend. A small, core, technical team will be at the home office to ensure the webcast, video, slides and accompanying graphics are streamed seamlessly. This includes the Sabbath service webcast to all brethren—when Victor Kubik and Donald Ward will give split sermons—and the Sunday GCE ministerial meeting webcast which begins at 1 p.m. EDT.

GCE Secretary, Frank Dunkle, will be chairing the annual meeting in place of Donald Ward, who will be viewing from his home in Texas. The agenda for the GCE meeting is as follows:
• Call to Order, Approval of 2019 Minutes, and Opening Comments
• Video Address From the Chairman
• Address From the President
• Address From Ministerial and Member Services
• Address From Media and Communications Services
• Video Address From the Treasurer
• Deceased Elders and Wives Tribute (video)
• Announce Ballot Results

We were pleased to have reported last week that the Beyond Today TV program, “Easter: the Rest of the Story,” had the lowest cost-per-response and the highest number of responses so far this fiscal year.

In addition, we are very happy to announce that we have a reduced rate on WGN-America for our Sunday morning time slot, which will take effect on July 4.

From Richard Kennebeck, Information Technology and Building Safety

It has been very encouraging these past weeks to see how we have all pulled together during this difficult time and the work is being done. Virtually every aspect of the work that is normally done at the home office is being done in a timely manner.

Here at the office, we will begin implementing phased return-to-work policies beginning May 4. The policies will be based on the recommendations given to us by the State of Ohio:

1. Those who can effectively work remotely will continue to work remotely. This will mainly impact the receptionist and mailing areas whose jobs require working at the office.
2. Masks will be worn when in common areas.
3. Employees must perform daily symptom assessments prior to coming to work. If they forget, methods of performing the assessment will be available at the receptionist desk.
4. Social distancing will remain in effect.
5. Hand sanitizers will be available and frequent disinfection of common areas will be done.

Our desire is to effectively do God’s Work while keeping the staff and their families safe.

From Rick Shabi, Treasurer

With one day left in the month of April, despite all the economic turmoil in the nation and around the world, total income for the Church has exceeded budget and prior year levels for this month by a sizable amount. Holy Day offerings are still coming in, and are approaching budget. We learn again that despite what is happening in the world around us, God provides what we need to do the Work He has called us to do.

From Frank Dunkle, ABC Coordinator

To comply with Ohio’s guidelines for phased re-opening of the economy, Ambassador Bible College will finish its school year online, without bringing students back into the classroom. Plans are being made for a virtual graduation via webcast on May 17. Currently, plans call for the 2020-2021 academic year to proceed normally.

From Mark Welch, Ministerial and Member Services

We had an online meeting with approximately 80 pastors on Tuesday. There was a great spirit of brotherhood and camaraderie. The meeting went over an hour and half, with many pastors staying connected longer to catch up on other items. More information related to that meeting is given in this week’s Personal from

From Lisa Fenchel, Women’s Services and GCE Planning

We are working on three online women’s sessions to replace the women’s seminar that would have taken place at the GCE meeting. These interactive sessions will be open to all elder’s wives on a first-come basis. The women who have been collaborating on this project are Bev Kubik, Barb Welch, Kathe Myers, Debbie McNeely, Lisa Fenchel, Whitney Creech, Joy Jones and Carol Szymkowiak. At this time, we have 73 attendees registered for the first session, “Commitment to our Faith,” which will be presented by Barb Welch and Carol Szymkowiak.