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Winter Family Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Winter Family Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio

The greatest aspect of any Winter Family Weekend is the fellowship and connecting that occurs between old friends and new friends alike. This is the focus of God’s people who travel from near and far to be together in unity.

This year was one of the smoothest running years yet. Everything came together well despite attendance being higher than previous years. The Winter Family Weekend was again held at the Great Wolf Lodge, starting with a Friday evening Bible study given by Troy Phelps of Cincinnati. He focused on youth and on making their calling their own. He asked the question, “How old do you have to be to respond to God?” and focused on how God is calling you now no matter what your age.

Saturday began with various seminars for teens and adults, including youth instruction for the pre-teens. Attendance at services was 1,217 at the Great Wolf Lodge. Four beautiful special music selections were performed during the sermonette time. The sermon was given by President of the United Church of God, Victor Kubik. He spoke on the theme of “Iron that Sharpens Iron” and on how important this is for people to help each other improve on their journey in life through fellowship, friendship and encouragement. 

Sunday was filled with activities throughout the day for all ages. There were little kids’ games, youth games, basketball and volleyball for adults, seminars, a dress boutique exchange, Jelly’s Game Show, board games, a performing arts show, a band showcase and karaoke. 

There was one more basketball team compared to last year, with 120 people playing on various teams. About 300 people played volleyball, with a total of 47 teams, three more teams than last year. 

It was also exciting to see so many donate their beloved Sabbath and formal dresses, jewelry and shoes for others at the dress exchange. The event was run by Eileen Sharkey and many showed appreciation of the generosity of others. This year we had the most prom dresses donated (51 were donated) and the most given to new homes (20 dresses). Leftover dresses were donated to other church areas. Please remember to bring a dress or two with you next year.

On Monday the activities continued—more volleyball and basketball games, kids’ games and kids’ basketball, as well as more seminars and a family dance at the end of the night. Tuesday ended the weekend with the final basketball and volleyball games. Overall the weekend was a great success! UN