United Church of God

United News: July 2003

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  • by Marti Springer
All parents worry about their children starting school, but Church members have the additional concerns about dealing with society’s holidays and getting off for God’s Holy Days. What can a parent do to insure their child’s success? Here are tips from a Church parent who is also a teacher.
by United News
  • by Robert H Berendt
God calls people of all backgrounds, and sometimes the results of sins of the past bear a high price. "Luke" wanted me to share his story with you.
  • by Janet Treadway
"If it had not been for Anne Sullivan, the name of Helen Keller would have remained unknown." With these remarkable words, Helen Keller paid tribute to a woman who made such a difference in her life.
  • by David Johnson
Does the Fourth Commandment apply only to one day each week? Are we obeying the Sabbath commandment as long as we don’t work on the Sabbath? Is it possible to violate the Sabbath command on Thursday?