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Being Servant Leaders

Following Christ's Example

MP3 Audio (13.67 MB)


Being Servant Leaders: Following Christ's Example

MP3 Audio (13.67 MB)

Do you consider yourself a servant leader? Let's take a look at what God's word says, and show you from the word of God that through the power of His Spirit, every single member of God's church - men, women, and children - all have been called to be servants and leaders in God's church and in God's coming Kingdom.

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  • 2balite
    I love Mr. Luker's sermons because they are so personable, his great respect for his wife, Leanne, and expounding on the importance of a good leader. I especially appreciate the role women will play in God's Kingdom. Thank you.
  • 2balite
    I plan to post this to my face book page. I have many people who are my friends but, not in the church, who are reading things I post from Thank you so much!!!
  • KARS
    Thank you for giving me a more detailed prayer to ask in behalf of the ministry and brethren. I have been asking for other blessing from Our Father. I hope that they have been working for all of the ministry abroad and at H.O.
  • johnlsnyder
    May we perpetuate this message by living it day to day; reaching out to neighbor, co-worker, stranger and enemy. Not hesitating for a second in seeing to the needs of the fatherless, the widow, and the destitute. Have we been sitting on our hands too long just waiting for His return while missing the very opportunity we're given as to why we're here? I love this message that exhibits God's very character that He wants to develop in each and every one of us.
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