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Should Christians Vote?

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Should Christians Vote?

MP3 Audio (30.67 MB)


Should Christians Vote?

MP3 Audio (30.67 MB)

Four critical moral issues at stake—including LGBTQ rights, abortion and more—in the national elections of the United States, and a biblical perspective on whether a disciple of Jesus Christ should participate by casting a vote.


  • vclee
    I really thought that voting is up to the individual member to decide and if they do, keep it private. All Christians should not make any teaching a point of contention but trust must be given to the members.
  • Gary Petty
    The purpose of this sermon was to explain biblical principles of what it means to be a citizen of the kingdom of God. I tried to deal with specific issues that are clearly defined in the Bible.
  • fhowaniak
    This was your best message, we really enjoy this thank you
  • Copslb
    This is a great message. Thank you so much for giving this...I hope our brethren take to heart what you are saying in this message. We can not wipe out the evil in this world only God can...God bless you...
  • jimt777
    Yes indeed it is quite timely. I am so THANKFUL that there are still ministers in UCG who are willing to take a GODLY stand on this very important issue. So SAD to see brethren who once fully understood this now willing to compromise with the world in such a big way.
  • Dale Bissessar
    Wonderful message! Very helpful in assisting Christians in deciding whether we should participate in the voting process.
  • Karen Z
    Very clear and convincing explanation on a controversial subject.
  • Kelly Irvin
    This message is very much needed at this time. Thank you.
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