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The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God

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The Kingdom of God

MP3 Audio (51.87 MB)

Where are you and I focusing our energy today? Are we caught up in Satan's world, focusing our time and energy helping Satan sow chaos and division by getting involved in the worldly issues and affairs? Or are are we focusing our energy on The Kingdom of God and the hope, salvation and unity that it will bring to us and then the rest of mankind when He returns?


  • Peggy Pieroway
    Mr Petty, this was wonderful! Thank you. Food for the soul.
    Mr. Petty - are you allergic to those flowers.?
  • Mary Smith
    Thank you for your passion for the Kingdom of God, and for helping us to refocus on what is important!
    Thank you Mr. Petty for being so frank. This is a message we all need to hear, so we all can wake up.
  • beverlybutler
    Thank God for letting me hear what I need to hear at this time! Thank you Mr. Petty for crying aloud and not mincing words to save our feelings or your popularity. I've said this before after hearing a message last year, and I say it again: I feel that certain messages should be mandated for all church membership to hear -- possibly through webcast from headquarters.
  • john.macgruer
    Greetings from Norfolk U.K.
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