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Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

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Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

MP3 Audio (16.37 MB)


Will He Find Faith on the Earth?

MP3 Audio (16.37 MB)

Let's be reminded of what faith is, it's importance and how we must be filled with it.

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  • TimS
    This is one of the informative and inspiring sermons I've ever heard! I would encourage everyone to listen to this sermon and, listen closely!
  • Pamela Joan Bartholomew
    Wow!!!! I second the first comment!!!!!!!!! Everyone should hear it.
  • kimandtroy
    awesome sermon!!! Will read again, as there is so much 'meat' in this message you cannot absorb it all in just one reading. Thanks:)
  • Pete_Benson
    This is one of the most amazing and nourishing sermon/studies I've ever heard on the subject of faith, Godly faith, and how you can have it. This faith, Greek "pistis" is something we will need as extremely hard times come upon us, especially the beginning of the tribulation, World War III. I found one transcript typo in the transcript below the utube of your sermon. Where you said the word "filled" referring to being filled with pistis and it's fruits, whoever transcribed it transcribed it "killed." (I transcribe sermons all the time for my website, so I spot typos quite easily.) I honestly believe (after hearing and reading your sermon) when Jesus was giving the parable about the ten virgins in Matthew 25, the oil in the lamps of the five wise virgins was "pistis" faith, along with the other fruits of the Holy Spirit, but especially "pistis." The five unwise virgins lacked this "oil" that would carry them through. To have our lambs filled this strength of godly "steel" is one of the major things we should fast for. Fasting for God's pistis-faith is primary, because once you have that, almost all other things will fall into place spiritually. We played this sermon at Sabbath services in Worcester, MA right after the Feast, it was quite amazing to have a spiritual T-bone steak right after the Feast.
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