World News and Trends: The European constitution suddenly reemerges

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The European constitution suddenly reemerges

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The new European constitution had appeared all but dead after Poland and Spain had caused the negotiations to collapse last December. But then the terrorist carnage in Madrid changed everything. Now there is even a call for the constitution to be signed in the Spanish capital city. (It is, however, interesting to note that, wherever it is finally signed, the document will be permanently housed in Rome, just as all signed EU treaties are.)

Shortly after the Madrid train bombings, the Spanish left won the national elections and leaders of the new socialist government pledged to support the European constitution—immediately followed by clear indications that Poland was now willing to compromise and cooperate to possibly reach a final agreement within the first half of this year.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair is a strong supporter of the European constitution, but past polls indicate that well over half of the British people clearly oppose it in its present form.

British fears are well summarized by Daily Mail feature writer Edward Heathcoat Amory. He wrote: "It will create a new European state of which we will all be citizens. It will be able to sign treaties and join international bodies and its law will supersede our own. Britain will become a mere region within its federal embrace."

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