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Why Don't We See More Miracles?

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Why Don't We See More Miracles?

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MP3 Audio (2.84 MB)


Why Don't We See More Miracles?

MP3 Audio (2.84 MB)

Does God still perform miracles? It seems like He did them all the time when you read the Bible. Elisha was making iron axe heads float, Jonah was living inside a giant fish for three days and three nights, and Peter was healing people's crippled limbs left and right. So why does life look so different today?

After watching, if you want to read more about miracles, here are some additional resources:

Scriptures referenced (explicitly or implicitly) in this episode:
00:30 - Exodus 3:2
00:56 - Genesis 1:1
00:58 - Matthew 28:1-8
02:32-02:33 - Exodus 14:1-31
02:34 - Exodus 3:2
03:34 - 1 Samuel 3:1
04:15 - Revelation 
04:40 - Exodus 14
04:55 - Matthew 28:1-8
05:05 - Acts 2

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  • Bev
    Micah, I found this very encouraging! It is a good idea to write down miraculous things that you see in your own life and give thanks. People might be surprised at how long their list will get. Thanks for the great message.
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