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Special Announcement

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This fall Youth United emagazine will transition into a new magazine—Vertical Thought: a magazine of understanding for tomorrow's leaders. We at Youth United are thrilled that after 3 years of publication online via the Internet, we are now going to become a printed magazine, too. And don't worry. You'll still find us online. We're just going to offer a printed version of the magazine as well. In fact, our online site will continue to post the same articles along with other articles not in the new printed version.

Our new name, Vertical Thought, came about via discussions with young people who suggested we find a name that would be meaningful and continue to speak to the source of knowledge (God)—but not limit our audience to teens, alone. Vertical Thought, or VT for short, will continue with the same type of relevant content designed to help the younger generation discover and live God's way of life. And as you have probably already suspected, the name Vertical Thought means we want to challenge you to think on things that come from above—that is, God.

Starting this fall, issues will come out every quarter.


"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice."— Samuel Johnston (1709-1784), British lexicographer

Friendship is truly one of the great blessings in life. To have friends with whom we can enjoy life, share our thoughts and even bare our souls makes life especially enjoyable. Friendships, in short, are special relationships with others. And interestingly, because they are such special relationships, they have a powerful influence upon us.

In this issue of Youth United, we examine the subject of friendship from several angles. We begin with an article titled, "The Most Powerful Friend." As we all know, this Friend is God. If you've never thought of God as your Friend, be sure to read this article first. Of course, if you already know this, we invite you to read it, anyway! Next, we offer some important keys to help us select and maintain our friendships via "Friends for Excellence," "Making Peace" and a special "Friendship Quiz." If you think you know all there is to know about this subject, take this quiz and see how you do.

Trying to examine this subject from all sides, the next article broaches an aspect that most people don't generally like to talk about: "Ending a Friendship." In this article, the author relates a painful story about how he had to end a relationship and offers suggestions on when and how to do so. We round things out with a heartwarming true-life story about a friendship across the generations titled "A Special Friend."

In this issue, we also feature the final installment (Part 3) of an extremely important subject: "Planning Your Career." And as we announced in the last issue, we have a new feature. Drum roll, please. It's "Readers' Comments"—E-mail messages we've received from you, the readers. Finally, we have "News for Youth" and the popular "Questions and Answers" derived from real questions from young people.

Finally, a special thanks to all of you who wrote us with your comments! We appreciated hearing from you and posted many of your messages in the new "Readers' Comments" feature. Your input is always highly valued.