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Welcome to all of you! Share with us YOUTH United e-magazine. This is a new publication that focuses on preparing you, the youth of today, as tomorrow's leaders. In this day of electronic communication, it is imperative to communicate with you in your media—cyberspace. This is where the interest is. Paper and ink are rapidly losing place. You can download or browse this publication over the Internet anytime from anywhere.

YOUTH United is another result of the long-term commitment by the United Church of God to serve the younger generation of this world and to help lead them in their responsibility to become leaders within God's Church and in the world tomorrow. This means you! It is our desire to present the message of the YOUTH United in your language, from your perspective, and in a manner with which you can identify. We hope you will make this your magazine. You can be a part of the action with input, comments, suggestions and articles. We're depending on you to help us make this exciting new project a success!

Here are some things we hope you get out of YOUTH United—e:magazine:

  • God's way works—today!
  • How to live God's way—today!
  • God's awesome plan and your exciting future in it—tomorrow!

To meet these goals, this online magazine will seek to help you, as teens and young adults, to better understand the realities of the world in which we live plus focus on the hope that God's Word provides for the future. This publication will bring to life all aspects of the gospel of Jesus Christ and the vital need for the return to spiritual law, godly values, and moral convictions as defined by Him in the Bible. It's a recipe for happiness and true success!

But what do you see when you look around at your world?

In Zimbabwe, the scourge of HIV is expected to take the lives of 50 percent of the young people before they reach age 16. Moral decay is rampant in the Western societies as well. Terrorism and war ravage all ages and both are on the increase.

Why is it mankind can unlock the secrets of electronics, begin to unravel the DNA code, clone animal life, even proclaim the probability of a much longer lifespan and yet men and women can't learn to live in peace? Failures in relationships produce only unhappiness. How do Generation X-ers view their future role in "righting the wrongs" so prevalent in the world today? YOUTH United will strive to address these and a myriad of other questions fundamental to your future.

YOUTH United will initially be a quarterly magazine published online every three months. In addition to regular articles, the magazine will address such subjects and features as:

Career and Success — How can I find out what my special talents and abilities are? How do I plan my career? What if I don't know what I want to do yet? What college should I choose?

Relationships — How do I handle dating at school? Everyone I know smokes, drinks and has sex. How do I handle negative peer pressure? How can I set the right example and still have friends? How will I find someone to marry who believes like I do?

World News and Trends — What does the future hold and how will it affect me? What news is important for me to watch so I'm not taken by surprise?

Religion — What's the best way to study the Bible? How do I know if I'm ready to start thinking about baptism? How do I talk to friends at school about my religion? What things should I and should I not do on the Sabbath?

Modern Church Heroes — Inspiring personal stories from people who've "been there and done that." How they were called, how they overcame, the good choices they made and the miracles they've experienced living God's way.

Ask Youth United (Now Q&A Topics) — This is a question-and-answer section on fundamental issues and questions facing teens, young adults and parents.

We need your input and participation! If you have questions that you would like to see answered, send them in. If there are subjects you would like to see addressed, let us know! We can only meet your needs if you tell us. More directly, if you would like to "be published," forward your articles and stories for our consideration. Again, this is your magazine, for your generation—and you're going to get out of it what you put into it! The YOUTH United editorial management team wants to hear from you! They can be reached by sending a message from the Comments/Suggestions form.

We're very excited about this new publication and hope you are, too!YU